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One Mylar - 7 Latex Balloon Bouquet

Balloons are perfect for every occasion! 

Our balloon bouquets feature combinations of mylar foil balloons and color coordinating latex balloons.  A foil-covered weight is also included to tie it all together! 

This balloon bouquet includes one 18" mylar with seven coordinating latex balloons of your color choice.

All Latex Balloons include "Super High Float" which coats the inside of the balloon and extends the float time.  All of our latex balloons are guaranteed to float for 24 hours if kept indoors, out of major drafts and out of direct sunlight.  Float time on balloons kept outside will vary greatly and are not guaranteed for any particular length of time.

Be aware that many hospitals do not allow helium balloons, so please check with your local hospital prior to placing your order if the recipient is a hospital patient.

Delivery is available Monday through Friday in select areas around our stores. Your order will be delivered between 8:00am and 4:00pm on the delivery date you select. Specific delivery times are not available. Orders placed before 11:00am can be delivered the same day. 

For a list of delivery eligible zip codes click here.  Our standard delivery fee is $10 per order.

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