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DIY White Wedding Collection

Wedding flowers can be a beautiful accent on your special day, but sometimes it can be difficult to know which flower varieties look good together and how to combine them to make stunning arrangements and bouquets. Our expert designers have gathered together several DIY Wedding Collections to help you make your wedding day dreams come true! Our collections represent the most popular themes and colors. Examples of bridal bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and more are included, along with the recipes for you to create your very own arrangements and wedding bouquets!

This White Wedding Collection is an elegant combination of white blossoms! Fragrant white oriental lilies, white Playa Blanca garden roses and hydrangeas will be lovely in centerpieces and bouquets!

Our roses are Equadorian and of the finest quality. All flowers are inspected for quality, processed and hydrated at our Flower Markets. Your flowers will be placed into buckets of water to keep them fresh and for your ease of transport.     

DIY Designer Wedding Collection orders require a 14 day lead time.

Due to the effects of COVID-19 on the floral industry, package prices may change based on flower availability. We will do our best to give you the best price and product possible.

Playa Blanca White Rose 6 3 3
White Hydrangea 3 2 2
White Spray Rose 3 2 2
White Oriental Lily 2 1 1
White Limonium 2 1 1
Italian Ruscus 2 1 1
Israeli Ruscus 4 3 3
Salal 2 2 2
Variegated Pittosporum 2 2 2
TOTAL STEMS 26 17 17
Flowers Small  Medium  Large 
White Rose 50 70 90
White Hydrangea 25 35 45
White Spray Rose 3 bunches 6 bunches 8 bunches
White Oriental Lily 15 30 50
White Limonium 2 bunches 4 bunches 6 bunches
Varigated Pittosporum 3 bunches 5 bunches 7 bunches
Italian Ruscus 1 bunch 3 bunches 5 bunches
Israeli Ruscus 3 bunches 6 bunches 8 bunches
Salal 1 bunch 2 bunches 4 bunches
  $405.00 $712.00 $1,013.00
Stem counts are approximate.  Spray roses 10 stems per bunch. Limonium 5-10 stems per bunch. . Italian ruscus 3-5 stems. Israeli ruscus 10 stems.  Salal 5-7 stems.

We will make every attempt to get the flowers that have been chosen. Please note we reserve the right to make necessary substitutions of flower varieties, of equal or greater value, due to lack of availability or issues of poor quality.


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14 Days
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